Terms & Conditions

Website Terms and Conditions

For the use of this website, any ordering, purchase, or delivery of products are to adhere to our General Terms and Conditions. All orders made on this website require the end user to register with their corporate account.

General Terms and Conditions

Roylab Global, Commercial and End-Users agreements

These terms and conditions are agreements that are to be abided by both parties, between the client (procurement or end-user) and Roylab Global (provider).

  • 1. Sales and acceptance terms
    Sales transactions accepted by the client, based on official quotation set out by Roylab Global, is legally binding. Roylab Global reserves the right to not accept any purchase order or sales transaction in the event that the transaction compromises safety requirements, legal or other conditional issues. Any variation to this must be mutually agreed upon by both parties and written in email or any means normally used in business.
  • 2. Product specifications
    All product specifications can be subjected to change without prior notice. Any discrepancy arising from this will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • 3. Limitations to damages
    Roylab Global is not liable for any circumstances, be it specifically, directly, or indirectly, resulting in the loss of data or information and/or disruptions during, before or after the use of our products and services. As a provider, we are tasked to only provide our products and services and will not be involved in or liable for the clients’ operations.
  • 4. Infringement
    We reserve our right to pursue any infringement of our products, be it hard or soft format, such as product specification, design and manufacturing standards, materials and quality of compositions.
  • 5. Product delivery
    All delivery charges are subjected to overseas and local custom handling fees. Some products require unique packaging for safety reasons. Only registered account users are waived from these handling fees, local delivery charges or extra packaging cost. Roylab Global is not liable for packaging damaged in the course of delivery. We should be notified immediately, within 5 working days upon receipt, if any product or component is damaged or missing. Cases will be reviewed individually.
  • 6. Legal use
    End users procuring our products must have the capacity and knowledge to use them. Roylab Global is not liable for the misuse of products, that compromises safety, or causes damage or injuries, due to the end user's improper compliance or incomplete knowledge. Procurement of our products must be in the commercial, departmental, institutional or government capacity.
  • 7. Pricing
    All pricing displayed may be subjected to changes without prior notice. We reserve the right to make these changes. However, we will honour any pricing quoted prior to these changes.
  • 8. Email orders
    We accept email confirmation of order with delivery information, as a Purchase Order, while official quotation set out by Roylab Global is still valid, with a proper end user point of contact. An email confirmation is legally binding and is considered a contract between Roylab Global and the end user.
  • 9. Website and online orders
    Electronic orders on our website, with a cart check-out, is an online order. An online order is legally binding and is considered a contract between Roylab Global and the end user. Roylab Global reserves the right for any discrepancies. Discrepancies from website ordering will be reviewed individually to determine if we can honour the order. No compensation will be made for incorrect orders caused by a change of mind, unplanned changes to process, etc.
  • 10. Payment
    Payments are to be made through bank transfer, or cash on delivery. 30-day credit terms are only applicable to institutions and government bodies.
  • 11. Returns and Refunds
    Roylab Global accepts returns and refunds if the products are found to be faulty on site, or within 5 working days upon receipt. No returns or refunds will be accepted for product misuse, as in Clause 6. Returns must be made in original packaging for a full refund. A partial refund will be made for products returned with incomplete packaging. Returns and refunds will take up to 14 working days.
  • 12. Warranties
    Equipment sold by Roylab Global have a 2-year warranty upon commissioning. on-equipment products sold by Roylab Global have a 1-year warranty upon delivery. ervices rendered by Roylab Global have a 6-month warranty. Extended warranty can be provided at a cost.
  • 13. External party website links
    Our website may contain external website links for clients to have access to product specifications. These external website links serve to only provide information – their terms and conditions do not constitute ours. We are not liable for perceptions of clients garnered from these external website links.
  • 14. Intellectual property
    All information listed on this website or brochures are properties of Roylab Global. Information or material in any form is not allowed to be used without our authorization.
  • 15. Amendment to General Terms and Conditions
    Roylab Global reserves the right to amend any part of the above General Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notification.

Our Payment Terms

RoyLab Global legal payment can only be in the form of bank transfer for non-private institutions. All private institutions form of payment can be paid by cash, cheque, or bank transfer. In the fraud prevention, we do not accept credit card as a legal form of payment.

Despite our best efforts, at times administrative errors can occur, we would like to seek all understanding that we reserve the rights to make cancellation of any payment should the pricing of our products be significantly inaccurate in the form of quotation or website as subjective.