Return / Exchange Policy

RoyLab Return and Refund Policy

All returns and refunds must be approved by RoyLab (Global Office) Pte Ltd upon request, within 20 working days from delivery date. A 25% restocking fee will be charged as subjective. All Purchase Orders cancellation will subject to cancellation fee of 15%. Customers are required to ensure that original packing is intact when return and no transportation fees is incurred.

Return of products must include the following information:

  1. Customer name and address
  2. Purchase order number
  3. Date of delivery
  4. Reason for return

Where products (consumables, reagents, and equipment, exclude chemicals) can be returned:

  1. Manufacturer defects (covers non-functional use)
  2. Missing items
  3. Mislabelled items
  4. Expiry of items

Where products cannot be returned:

  1. Chemicals (exclude reagents) (All chemicals must be properly disposed at user site)
  2. Special Order Basis products (Where products are ordered to specifications or requirements)
  3. Discontinued products
  4. Products not sold directly by RoyLab (Global Office) Pte Ltd
  5. Products that are sold by RoyLab (Global Office) Pte Ltd but are resold thereafter
  6. Products that are used for more than 40 working days
  7. Short shelf life products
  8. Hazardous, flammable, and dangerous products
  9. User-defects products (Where product defects are caused by users)
  10. Incomplete packaging, items and parts of the products