3M 8122 Disposable FFP2 Face Masks with Cool Flow Valve


The respirator 3M ™ 8122 is an anti-aerosol half mask of the 2nd degree of protection FFP2 (up to 12 maximum concentration limits ).

The 3M ™ 8122 cup-shaped design is designed to suit both male and female face types.

The crumple-resistant shell of the half mask fits perfectly on the face, leaving no gaps for the penetration of contaminated air. 

Durable fastening of the respirator is also facilitated by the nose clip, nasal foam seal and reliable ties.

The inner layer of the 3M ™ 8122 respirator is made of hypoallergenic material. Skin irritation excluded!

Comfort 3M ™ 8122 is achieved by the exhalation valve of the Cool Flow system , which qualitatively removes heat and moisture generated during breathing.

In the 3M ™ 8122, the user breathes clean air with a full chest. Easy breathing is provided by a 3M ™ Media filter .


Recommendation Avoid using the inside of your 8122 respirator with dirty hands to avoid irritation of your face. 

The presence of a beard in humans significantly reduces the fit of the half mask to the face and contributes to the passage of contaminated air into the suction cup.


Packing Size: 10pieces/ box


Genuine Product from 3M (Guaranteed)

(This product complies with EU safety standards)